Safety Features Every Driver Needs to Know

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Most drivers used to assume that safety features that need to be present in every vehicle should at least include anti-lock brakes, seat belts, and airbags. However, there has been a significant change in the subject that people these days tend to look for other things that serve to increase the safety level, especially when they drive. Those drivers need to make sure that everything is safe that they will not leave the dealer unless they know that all the features are properly functioning. The rules specifically apply when they opt to purchase a second-hand car.

The latest statistics show that the improved safety features have drastically brought changes to the number and the possibility of road accidents and injuries, and the city officials have been sticking to the plan to continue eliminating the risks. For this reason, drivers are no longer dependent on the old rules, and they are on a constant lookout for more safety features for their car.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature is similar to pilot mode that helicopters or plane employs. The only difference is that it still requires attendance and control from the driver. It is also possible to go full pilot mode, but it is still not advisable for first-timers. The system uses sensors that are installed inside the grille, and it serves to maintain the safe distance between the car and the other vehicles around the car. In short, it acts as the third eyes that help the driver maintain a safe position.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Another system that needs to be present in a car is the Automatic Emergency Braking which serves to give early warning whenever the sensors sense that a collision is about to happen. Innovators argue that the natural human sense sometimes cannot function properly in certain situations, and it is why they invented the brake system. The system helps the driver manage to stop on time to avoid a sudden crash.

Blind Spot Detectors

Although rearview mirrors were one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of vehicle development, the invention still holds several weaknesses. One of the flaws is the presence of a blind spot. Drivers cannot expect to know everything behind the vehicle only by looking over their shoulder through the mirrors. For this reason, blind spot detectors function to detect things that the drivers miss.…

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