E-liquid Buying Guide


How do you pick the right punk juice? This is a question we get every day and there is no simple answer to this kind of question. It is a long process considering today’s market full of the same products but different qualities. To ease your searching task, I went ahead and put together these handy tips to help you pick the best choice that will meet your personal preference and needs. The guide will help you understand the basic tips that you will use in your first sight to identify the best and isolate the poorest. How do we go about? Well, here are some tips you should use for a perfect taste.


VG/PG and Nicotine

When shopping for e-liquids, you will notice that almost all of them have different concentration of either PG or VG and nicotine levels. Therefore, if this is the case then you have to understand the following;


The Right PG/VG Ratio

The first thing you might need to know is what does PG/VG ratio mean and why should concentrate to it so much. I know how confusing it can be, that is why I am here with you to shed some light on the same! Depending on the device used in vaping that in many cases the person operating can decide to set his or her ration according to his or her trusted customers. The required PG/VG ratio by the federal human intake standards should be equal I mean 50/50. That is half PG and half VG The best blend you should check on is the one with this kind of ratio it works well with almost 90% of the users. If you are new to the e-liquids, then you should try this ratio, as it is the best.


juice Taste and Freshness

All e-liquids are supposed to be fresh for them to fit human consumptions under all circumstance. Does the whole factor depend on how long does the processing time take? Because of the shorter the processing period the fresh the juice. Or how often do people buy to that particular brand? If the same is a faster moving product meaning no juice from the other day production is sold today! Therefore, it is wise if you consider the production rate and selling rate of a particular company for this is the only factor that will guarantee both a perfect taste and freshness.



The kind of ingredient the e-liquid producer is using, is she or she using the original content? Alternatively, he using the right amount of the same content, quality is something that we cannot debate on. A taste of quality is what gives you a sense of your class. Trust me nothing feels good like the right punk juice made well. Following the right ingredient systematic and packed with the right procedure gives us the best. Having the right quality means that the same benefits are being transported to your health, but the wrong type will provide the same to you.…

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